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Year after year, we seek the most unique artists to create the visual identity of CRASH – Mostra Internacional de Cinema Fantástico. In this 14th edition, we couldn't be more honored: none other than the incomparable Marcello Quintanilha signs the art of the festival!

And that's not all: Quintanilha participates in person at CRASH in two unmissable events. On 11/06/22 (Tuesday), at 6 pm, he holds a chat and autograph session at Livraria Palavrear, launching his new book Alimenta Estes Olhos. And the following night, it's time to participate in the official opening of the 14th CRASH at Cine Cultura, at 7 pm.

Marcello Quintanilha was born in 1971, in Niterói. Self-taught, he began publishing comics as a teenager, drawing horror and martial arts comics under the pseudonym “Marcello Gaú”. In the following decade, he dedicated himself to the world of animation, in addition to starting a constant collaboration with the press, signing works in vehicles such as O Estado de São Paulo, Bravo, Le Monde, Internazionale, Art Review, La Vanguardia, Le 1, El País , etc.


In 1999 he published his first comic book: Fealdade de Fabiano Gorila, included in this collection. Three years later, he moved to Barcelona, taking on the designs for the Sept Balles pour Oxford series, with scripts by Jorge Zentner and Montecarlo. In 2005, after a trip to the capital of Bahia, he launches Salvador, an organic mix between text and drawing, which won a new edition by Veneta in 2022 . Then came the books that make up most of this collection: Saturday of My Loves (2009) and Public Souls (2011). In 2012, an adaptation of the classic O Ateneu (2012), by Raul Pompeia.


Tungsten was released by Veneta in 2014, an international success that earned Quintanilha several awards, including his first Angoulême, the Polar Fauve, which covers the crime, thriller and suspense genres. In 2018, the adaptation of the book premiered in Brazilian cinemas, directed by Heitor Dhalia. Talco de Vidro was launched in 2015, another great success with the public and critics. In 2016, National Hinário, awarded with a Jabuti. Then came Todos os Santos (2018), Luz de Niterói (2019) and, in 2020, his first novel, Deserama.

Launched in 2021, Escuta, Formosa Márcia put Quintanilha's name in history as the first Brazilian to receive the Fauve D'Or, the main award of the Angoulême Festival and one of the most prestigious in the international comics industry.

Feeds These Eyes is Quintanilha's new book, which covers more than 20 years of the comic artist's career, bringing together the now classics Saturday of My Loves and Public Souls, in addition to unpublished comics.

Currently, Marcello Quintanilha continues to live and work in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia.

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